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100% Organic
Secured cultivation does not use pesticides
and only fertilized with 100% organic fertilizer

- Heinrich Melcher / Founder -

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  Preventing Burnout - Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Coping Strategies

If constant stress has you feeling disillusioned, helpless, and completely worn out, you may be suffering from burnout.

Bapak Heinrich dalam acara Mocopat Syafa'at

   Bapak Heinrich melakukan presentasi dalam acara Mocopat Syafa'at Presentasi Radix di tempat cak nun dengan peserta kurang lebih 1000 orang.

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  tetes mata herbal

Radix Herbal Eye Drops

Made from organic materials which keben fruit extract, cure cataracts, minus, plus, and other eye disorders.

Sehat Asmurat

efficacious cure your gout disease who suffer ..

  14 April 2010 - Cured of myopia and astigmatism

In August 2009 Koko Susilo attended a medical test to enter the academy for Immigration Officers. He was rejected due to abnormalities as myopia and astigmatism 1.75 diop and cylinder at both eyes. 

21 Maret 2010 - Cataract and Hyperopie

Attending a eye examination conducted by the Department of Health in 2005 Mr. Juprie was diagnosed Cataract (early stadium) and Hyperopie 2 diop.

21 Maret 2010 - fully recovered and returned to normal eye sight. Cured of Myopia

At the age of 16 years after an eye examination at an Optical Shop myopia of 0.75 was detected at both of Rizkianas eyes.

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  Radix Founder
Heinrich Melcher
- Herbalist -

A geologist who now pursue the traditional medical world. Adventures down the various parts in almost all parts of the world to learn traditional medicine from the local community is an invaluable experience.